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Seems like the only news is bad news...

This is the second post I've made in the last year.

The first was about my car accident: I got a ticket. Totaled my car. Bumped my insurance up $50 a month. And I had to get a new car I don't enjoy as much, but which puts me in further debt for the next 5 years.

I really wish that were the better of the two.

My Dad is in the hospital. He isn't doing very well, in fact the paramedics that brought him to the hospital monday morning said there was a good chance he might not make it. He has had the flu for a week or so, and my Ma had it for two weeks prior to that. So when he was complaining of a bad headache/earache and such, we dismissed it as Dad being a big baby. He went to the doctor on Friday and they too said it was just the flu. Sunday night he began getting a odd look in his eye, kinda of like a thousand yard stare, and he wasn't very responsive to questions Ma asked him. By 1:00 am later that night he was in and out of bed for no reasons, and doing bizzare things like trying to put on his underwear over his pajama bottoms. Ma called an ambulance. When they arrived, Dad was combative and confused, not wanting to leave. He told the paramedics: "Dont crush the kitty-cat on the edge of the bed!" Ma and Dad don't have a cat in the house anymore.

He was diagnosed with menegytis and ensephalitas(not even close to being spelled right I'm sure) which is swelling of the brain. Apperantly the the virus that caused the earache had changed somehow and spread to his brain and caused the swelling, as well as the menengytis, which means it was born inside him. So he didn't contract it, and it is not contagious at all, the CDC assured us that none of us who've had contact with him needs preventative medication.

All through Monday he was very sensitve, and more combative, fighting nurses when they tried to work on him. He spoke very little, and he couldn't remember any of us. He thought it was 1968, and was generally confused and angry about where he was. I went in at one point and asked how he was, but all he could say was "Head hurt".

Tuesday was good. The swelling had gone down in his brain a bit, and he was talking much more. His parents came in from Louisianna, and he asked my Ma if she could brush his hair, cause he wanted to look good for his Mamma. Ma was talking to a nurse who said her name was Karen. My Ma said: "Oh, well that's my name too, so maybe he'll be able to remember that a little better, even though he's has been forgetting mine for the last couple days." When he heared that he said: "But not for the last 28 years." So he remembered my Ma, and how long they had been together, and who most of all the rest of us were.

Wednesday the swelling had gone enough that they moved him out of ICU, but his speech and memory were back to how it was on monday. I would go in and talk to him, ask him how he was doing, and all he could do is stare at me, sigh, and turn back to the wall. It's like he is, at best, trying to catch a memory, or at worse, wondering why I'm there.

Today the neurologist told us that we should prepare to build wheelchair ramps at the house, and that the process of getting his speech and cognitive abiltiy back could be very long. As of now, he is only saying about five or six words a day. The last time I went in to see him I think he recognized me. He wasn't very responsive at all, but as I was leavining he said "I lo..." then started crying and turned his head away again. I lost it. I just told him I loved him again, then I all but ran out of the room and just broke down.

We're hopefull that the virus will subside, and that his fever goes down, and that that causes an improvement in his speech and thinking. The doctors are going to try later and see if he can walk at all, and were hopeful for that as well. But it is alot to be hopeful for, and too much for one family to handle.

I'm sorry if to some this is like a certain chapter in Deathly Hallows that revealed in depth a bit of backstory that was just hard to read, especially for people emotionally connected to those charachters. But I needed to say say it, and have a record of these events, like I did when my nephew had menengytis two years ago. I haven't had a computer or internet for a year, hence the gap in my journal, but the waiting room here has a computer, and I just wanted to get the whole story out.

I Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, you've no idea how appreciated they are.
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