Peter Watson (spider_fan) wrote,
Peter Watson

After I finished cleaning about 20 minutes ago, I figured I would run downtown and get a soda, but since Tracie wasn't here yet I was asked to drive by her place to see if she was home.

When I did, I noticed her van was gone, but the lights of her house were on. So on the way home I decided I'd actually stop there to make sure. She was not, (she was actually at my house by that time) but TIM was there. For those that don't remember, tim is her abusive ex-boyfriend that she has left FOUR TIMES and swore to us each time that she would never go back to him. When he opened the door I didn't recognise him at first, I thought it was one of her friends, so i just said "Sup?" as he walked to the door. When I saw him clearly I just turned and walked away, got into my car, slammed the door and litterally sped away, screeching my tires for half a block. He stayed at the front door watching me haul ass down the street.

So... should I A) let my parents know, and start a huge mess while my grandparents are here, most likely leading to Tracie getting pissed and leaving again so that we can't see the babies, or B) say nothing, which will make my sister think I approve....?

I don't know what to do about her...
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