Peter Watson (spider_fan) wrote,
Peter Watson


I have heard through the grapevine that my evil, man-hating, super-bitch of a boss is is no longer an employee of Foster Farms! I don't have any details, all I know is that she is NOT coming back, and it is NOT her choice! YAY!

In other news:

Halloween was fun. I went out with my lead Cindy, her daughter(my friend Robin) and Cindy's grandkids. I like going trick-or-treating with little kids, a futile attempt to maintain my youth I suppose. I went as The Ultimate Geek: Spider-Man mask, Batman t-shirt, Superman cape and Green Lantern ring. I didn't have any Batman attire, so I had to go to Target and buy a $9 XL children's size t-shirt. It fits REALLY well actually. Next year I want to go as "fool for love" Spike, and if any of you don't know that episode of Buffy, he looks like this in it:

with the addition of my black leather trench coat, which he obtains right after killing the 70's slayer.

Saw III. I haven't seen it yet(Fred is a little mad at me cause I'm not seeing it with him right now, but Ma is deathly ill and I promised to make dinner tonight), but I heard from a friend that it is really graphic. She works at the theater, and said halfway through one showing a kid came running out CRYING HIS EYES OUT, closely followed by his friends. When she asked the friend if they needed a refund he said no, that the boy just got really freaked out. Apperantly the kid's dad had had an accident and died the same way as the person in the movie... creepy-sad...

And last but not least, *drumroll*... IT HAS RETURNED!!
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