Peter Watson (spider_fan) wrote,
Peter Watson

Just a quick note: Dad is doing FAR better! He is talking really well, long sentances and enunciating very well. He stood up, a little wobly, but he took a shower. He is checking his e-mail and all the post on the CaringBridge site(thank you to all who signed it, he has over 400 comments).

As I was leaving his room I said, "I'm glad you're improved. Soon you'll be up and about like normal. Better even, you'll be stronger, faster..." And he said "We can rebuild you..." I lauged and said, "I love ya Dad, you're the only person who can out-geek me!" And he smiled.

I am so happy I could shit. I love ya all!! Thanks to everyone who sent thoughts and good vibes, they were immensely helpful!!
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