Peter Watson (spider_fan) wrote,
Peter Watson

Praise be to EB

Quick holiday update, or as quick as I can be anyway.

Stuff from Bob:

A cool triangle-bladded knife.
Professor Snape's wand!
Love Actually
EB gift card.
Robot Chicken, Season 1
The new Penny Arcade book.
A stocking with a SHITLOAD of stuff, including lots o' candy, Icy Hot, and the book Bridge To Terabithia, as well as a bunch of assorted little things.

Stuff from Parents:
EB gift card.
Cool car battery jump starter.
A SET OF TEA. I emphasize this, because when I told Fred about it, I mistakenly used the wording "tea set", to which I recieved no end of ridicule about. But what is actually is, is a really nice wooden box full of 120 packets of assorted teas. And they are yummy.

EB gift card.

Now, you may have noticed the gift card theme, which is not supriosing, because I asked EVERYONE for them. I just didn't expect how generous people would be:

Shasta: $10
Jenny: $10
Robin: $20
Fred: $30
Mom/Dad: $100
Bobbie: $100

And so with that I went to EB this weekend and got my PS3!! HUZZAH! I bought the system and a game and all I paid was $334. Not a bad deal. Thank you everyone who contributed to the fund!! Now I must go play!
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