Peter Watson (spider_fan) wrote,
Peter Watson


Neccessity is the mother of invention? Maybe for other people. For me, it's laziness. I've discovered that when I make Mac N' Cheese(one of my four basic food groups), rather than cutting up a keilbasa and putting in it, it is far easier to simply dump a whole package of Lil' Smokey's in there. WAY better.

Fuckin' people keep trying to give me money! It's starting to piss me off! I have 1½ credit cards. A $1000 limit Visa, and a $500 limit Target card. People keep sending me "Gold Card This" and "Platinum Card That".... I don't want it! I think what I already have is gonna get me in trouble some day, so I throw all those credit card things away. But then yesterday i get a letter from Target saying they are AUTOMATICALLY up-grading my card to a Target-Visa, with a $1000 limit that I can use ANYWHERE!! Just in time for me to use it and go completely in debt for Christmas....
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