Peter Watson (spider_fan) wrote,
Peter Watson

Ok, for everyone who has tried to talk to me on AIM the last day or so, here is the deal:

There is some problem with our AOL service, and when I tried to sign on yesterday, the day before, whatever, it said there was an error and that we had to sign on to the master screen name. I didn't know what the problem was, but I did know that I would probably fuck it up worse if I tried to fix it, so I just left it and did nothing. But APPERANTLY it was reading me as on-line, although I was still at the sign-on screen. Weeeeiiiirrrrddddd.... So anyway, I just fixed it kinda and I got a BAZILLION IMs at once. So I'm here to say that I am not dead, I am not mad at anyone, and I was not staying up till 3 am on work night. lol.

I now return you to your regulayly scheduled LJ.
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